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Industry Leading Air Pressure Control Products

Our air controller products are the industry leader in precision, repeatability, and response ensuring that our customer’s multi-lumen, tapered and straight tube extrusion products are produced correctly and with minimum waste.

AirLink provides two models of Air Controllers each with unique capabilities and features

Our Air Controller products precisely regulate and control air pressure for extruded tubing applications. At Airlink, we understand that each of our customer’s manufacturing processes are unique and require flexible manufacturing equipment. All of our Air Controller products are available with multi-port pressure outputs, customer specified pressure range for each pressure port, and a rich set of standard and optional interface features. Output process pressure is controlled by state-of-the-art digital control electronics, precision valves and high precision pressure sensors.

Airlink Systems provides engineered products to improve quality and productivity in our customer’s manufacturing operations. We serve a broad range of markets including Extrusion, Packaging, Optical Fiber and Cable, and Medical Device manufacturing. All product design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing are done in the USA at our Seneca, SC facility.

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